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I am currently a Distinguished Research Scientist at A high powered lecture (total wattage obscured) Demonstrating refraction interactively! NVIDIA Research in Redmond, Washington.

Prior to my current position, I was an Associate Professor at the University of Iowa (2004-2014), a Visiting Professor at NVIDIA (2012-2013), and a Contractor at the US Army Research Lab (2011). Before joining the faculty at the University of Iowa, I studied at the University of Utah (PhD 2004) and the University of Minnesota (BS 1999).

My recent recearch explores uses of real-time ray tracing with very limited ray budgets, which led to powerful stochastic sampling techniques like ReSTIR and NVIDIA's RTXDI. This builds on insights from stochstic and deterministic filtering for reconstruction, order-independent transparency, antialiasing, alpha-testing, and geometry. I am fascinated by how deep-learning applies to rendering problems, partly because I aim to extract statistical ideas and techniques from the networks for direct application. I have also spent time evangelizing real-time ray tracing, including a couple SIGGRAPH courses and some DirectX Raytracing code tutorials.

My dissertation covered real-time rendering with both raster and ray tracing, but I spent a decade focusing primarily on rasterization techniques, including refraction, caustics, global illumination, area lighting, soft shadows, and participating media. My work on sub-pixel accurate shadows became NVIDIA's Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows.

Other prior research includes: image-based rendering, cloud-based rendering, medical and information visualization, and non-pinhole camera models.

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ReSTIR paper release demo! RTX Boulevard using RTXDI!

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