Frustum-Traced Raster Shadows: Revisiting Irregular Z-Buffers
Chris Wyman, Rama Hoetzlein, and Aaron Lefohn, NVIDIA


Our I3D 2015 paper targets real-time subpixel accurate hard shadows. Highlights include:

Our project explicitly targets only hard shadows. We expect screen-space blurs or PCSS style soft shadow approximations could be used with our improved input signal rather than a shadow map. Future work will explicitly explore more accurate soft shadows.


Currently, we provide only a binary demo. Source code may follow at a future date. The executable download should have everything you need to run the demo on a number of fairly simple scenes. Additional, more complex models are available as separate downloads:


Our algorithm has been tested on NVIDIA and AMD hardware. However due to focusing optimization efforts on our hardware, this demo requires an NVIDIA GPU. More explicit requirements:

Running the Demo

Details for controls and caveats are in the demo's README file.

Last Modified: Saturday, April 4, 2018